Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The whole team makes it!

Me and Marcello both reached rhe Esplanada today. Marcello made the start but gave up the task after the Start. I too made the start, a 27km enter cylinder around
Formosa airport, but I kept trying to push towards the airport itself which was the
next turnpoint. Halfway into this next turnpoint I gave up the task as
well and aimed towards the Esplanada, arriving 3:15hrs after takeoff.
Me and Marcello have two Esplanadas each now! We are sooooo tired
already and there's 4 flights to go yet!!

I was lucky enough to take 2 shots of me flying over Brasilia. The camera was in my pocket and as I arrived a little low over the city, I had to hurry and take the pictures as I planned my approach opened my harness and got ready for landing in a couple minutes! This is one of the pics:

My track log for this flight is at:


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