Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our everyday goal

The amazing take-off over the Paranã Valley. An inverted logic, as you take off at the same altitude you are going to be landing at - hopefully, that is - then you fly over the depths of the turbulent valley, where a retrieve would take a good 3 hours. Then you try to get high enough to cross the difficult start plateau.

If you don´t leave the valley high enough you could land on the plateau in a few minutes, your only option then would be to get out of the plateau and over the valley again. But if you take too long to make the decision to go back to the valley, the wind has already blown you too deep over the plateau and you might not make it out of the plateau and the flight would be over.

Very interesting strategy game there!

The Esplanada yesterday as the first gliders were still to arrive from
the 118km task, which was launched in a solid 20kts wind. About 20
pilots made it.

It was a very tricky start with most pilots, like
myself, losing it still close to launch. Again, if you could only make
it to Brasilinha, conditions would generally improve as well as your
chances of making, if not the task, at least the Esplanada.

By the way you can also follow the official competition blog for news and results


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