Monday, August 11, 2008

And the price of landing early is...

...having your shoes, pants, socks, shirt, harness, glider cover and
etc. covered by these small thorn-balls that grow in the pastures,
whatever they are called! It took me a lot of pain trying to get out
of the harness, moving my glider, as the thorns were digging into my
ankles, legs and everywhere they touched. I was really at a loss as I
could only make smooth movements and the tight lycra wouldn't let me
take off the pants. I was saved because our excellent retrieval driver
was able to drive right to the glider and after seating down I could
finally dedicate a lot of time into taking my shoes off and
eventually cutting my pants with a knife in order to get out!

All the more reason not to land short.

Now I'm even more intent on making a great flght tomorrow.

The good news is that my team member Marcello reached the Esplanada
too, after abandoning the task and seizing a good opportunity to
escape the very difficult conditions near launch.

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