Sunday, August 10, 2008

First Task of the Brazilian Nationals

So we're at the launch at the Parana Valley, the task has already been chosen. Since it's the first day of competition they called an "easy" task.. Yeah, right, like 109Km is your normal flight... Anyway we are taking off to an exit circle of 10Km radius centeres n a turnpoint to the left of the ramp. Then comes a long leg to the left of the city of Planaltina, a 12 Km leg to Sobradinho and a straight glide to goal at the Esplanada. I will get in line early and be one of the first pilots to take off. It will put me in a more comfortable position before the gaggle gets too crowded. On the other hand I'll be flying almost 1 hour longer than effectively needed. Good for toning my flying muscles!

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