Friday, August 15, 2008

4th Esplanada!!!

This is really way beyond my wildest expectations!! Me and Marcello reached the Esplanada for the 4th time!! We met Dan Engelhart who was flying over the border of the lake and glided into town altogether!

The feeling of ecstasy as you land after cross-countrying for hours has no equal! We've been
fully rewarded for this trip!

As I was helping Dan carry his glider towards the paddock, he was still under full-emotion mode and solemnly declared "This is better than being an austronaut!"

For those of us who have dreamed about being an astronaut, to hear this coming from a guy who has done dozens of Esplanadas, competition goals and serious cross-countrying and feels as enthused as ever, this has got to mean something!

It means we were having some serious fun here, my friends!

The track log for this flight can be found at:

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