Thursday, August 14, 2008

High under the wisps of cirrus clouds

Today I decided to skip the competition task, cause we were supposed to be flying over hostile territory, so we took the choice to try and reach Brasilia again.

As the competition gaggle went to the left, a handful of free-flyers got the direct Brasilia route all for themselves. As I crossed the gap I again found myself low and had to
perform a low save just when things were starting to get very warm,
it was such a pleasure to regain the altitude and the chilly wind!

From Brasilinha I was joined by my teammate Marcello and we did the
remainder of the flight working as a team! It was an undescribable
pleasure to reach the Esplanada for the 3rd time, it's much more
than I expected. Tomorrow I shall follow the task lest it is chosen
over indian country again.

This track log is at:

And the video that Marcello produced is here, he´s got some amazing images:

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