Friday, April 17, 2009

The Rio de Janeiro Scene - 3

After a near two month flying hyatus, caused by my accident on the beggining of March, I finally took to the air again today. It was a beautiful post-frontal day in Rio, and the wind was coming from the Southwestern quadrant. The conditions looked great but in fact weren´t so for quite a while.

The early birds were greeted with a lot of work to stay up and only the best pilots, who were also patient, were rewarded with great flights. In seeing their struggle I decided to wait for a better window.

The problem was that I waited a lot, but not long enough. My flight was really hard to keep up, I fought for 40 minutes getting progressively lower.
About one hour after my take-off, when I had already landed, conditions finally, and suddenly too, improved a lot, and the guys who were still waiting had better flights with many of them visiting the Christ.

I was just really glad for being back on the air again! And I was very happy too for using succesfully my new camera mount on the leading edge, which rewarded me with many many great pics!
Some of them are below:




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